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Magic Pool Services Is Central Florida’s Leader In Residential Pool Cleaning, And Discount Pool Supplies.

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"We know how hard you work to provide your family a pool.

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Green to Clean

Green Pool

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Blue Pool

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Green to clean!
By Bonny - Jun 1, 2010
I contacted Chris with Magic Pools after reading their outstanding ratings on Angie's List. Magic Pools is the second company I have used and I am extremely pleased with the results. They have been very professional and were diligent about staying on top of my pool that was in great need of work until it was crystal clear. Chris returns calls promptly, leaves a detailed work order each time, and sends me periodic photos of the stage of my pool and its filter as he transitioned it (truly!) from green to completely clean. Great with my dogs as well -- another huge bonus. I recommend him without reservation.‎

Green Pool

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Blue Pool

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Pool guru - Joe
By Joe - Jun 25, 2010
My pool was green and gross, I realized that i just can't handle my pool anymore with my schedule. I have 2 retrievers and regardless of the water condition they will jump in. It was important to have my pool clean and not filled with chemicals. when I found Chris at Magic pools he completely cleaned up the pool within a few days time. He has maintained the pool and keeps it immaculate since he began a couple of months ago. Not only am I thrilled with his service but my dogs are happy too! I fully recommend his service! Chris is my pool Guru.‎

Green pool before

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Green pool before

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Pool Service at its best!!!!
By heidi - May 7, 2010
We have had our pool for 7 years and a service for most of that time. When I found that I had to start maintaining the pool myself, I quickly called our former service only to discover they had gone out of business. So I set out to do it myself...that didn't work! Lucky for me a friend recommended Magic Pool Service because under my care, the pool quickly had turned green. Magic came out that day, diagnosed the problem, and left me with a fair quote. There was no pressure just friendly professional conversation and a true desire help fix the situation. I was given a timeline on what to expect and how it would be handled. True to their word, they showed up on time and handled their business and now the pool is back to normal. I recommend Magic Pool Service to everyone because when you find a company who is professional, prompt and trustworthy, its hard not to pass it along.‎

Magic Pool Services is the best!
By Becky - Aug 18, 2010
We just couldn't get the chemical balance right after trying for months, and after just one visit by Magic Pool Services, it not only tested better, but I could visibly see a tremendous difference. We can actually enjoy our pool now without worry! I am a first time pool owner and Chris was very patient with me and promptly answered all of my silly questions. I would definitely recommend Magic Pool Services to everyone!‎

Where Pools Come Blue


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Why do I use Magic Pool Services?
By g - Aug 6, 2010
Three reasons!....Personality, Professionalism, Perfection! They get you in with their fabulous courteous and genuine kindness; they keep you as a satisfied customer with their continual upstanding outstanding services; the result is a perfect pool without an ounce of sweat!

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Professional & Friendly
By Hillary - May 25, 2010
Great company to work with. My pool was cleared up faster than promised. They have been servicing our pool for six months and have never missed a week. I called Chris this weekend to ask if the chlorine levels were okay for my baby to get in the pool, and within an hour he came by my house and tested the water! There aren't many companies left out there with this type of friendly service. I would recommend Magic Pools to anyone.‎

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By ZenTsang - Jul 21, 2010
After moving from NJ to FL and knowing nothing about pool maintenance, we knew we needed a pool service. After much research, our first choice was Magic Pool Services, and what a great selection we made! Chris, the owner, is knowledgeable, courteous, punctual, and very personable. Our pool is crystal clear, and we know it will stay that way with the "Magic" touch! We highly recommend Magic Pool Services. Shawn and Dianne Kirk

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Extremely Happy
By Andy & Stacy - Jun 14, 2010
Magic Pool Services has done an amazing job with my pool. The water was filthy when we first purchased our home and Chris had it sparkling in less than a week. I'm most impressed with how well the water feels and how little chemicals are used. We don't feel coated in chemicals when we get out and I am happy knowing that my two small children are not being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. Weekly maintenance is prompt and friendly. Highly recommend Magic Pool Services!‎

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Magic Pool Services is FANTASTIC!!
By Nick - Jul 30, 2010
I have been an owner of a pool for the last 15 years and have been disappointed with every pool company except for Magic Pool Service. Magic Pool will return your phone call and solve your problem quicker than anyone in the business. Right from the first time I spoke to the owner I knew I was in good hands. He was very knowledgeable and got right to work. They were also the most reasonable!! Magic Pool Service....Thank you!‎

Excellent Pool Service
By Kendra - Jun 23, 2010
When I bought my house, I didn't really know much about taking care of a pool, nor did I want to maintain it. When I was doing comparison shopping for price and services offered, Chris was very impressive with his knowledge, professionalism and customer friendly attitude, along with competitive pricing that I decided to hire his services. My pool remains well taken care of and when I've had questions or concerns about my pool/pump, he has always been quick to answer my calls and has taken the time to explain/walk me through possible fixes, which displays great customer service in my opinion. I would highly recommend Magic Pool Services. Very reliable and very honest.‎

Finally found a winner!
By Jeanie - Feb 1, 2010
After many years of being disappointed with various pool services, we finally found a winner! It seemed like every service we hired had a different person at our house every other week. Having two German Shepherds anxiously waiting for the gate to open.... and a new strange pool person walking in, can be a problem. Not only that but, the quality of work varied from person to person, and we found ourselves more times than not stuck with a dirty pool and filter, and having to pick up the phone to complain.....We are happy to pass our great find on to you! Magic Pool Services has gone above and beyond with their outstanding customer service providing us with prompt, courteous, professional service that never leaves us wondering..... I commented the other day how incredibly blue our pool looked...seriously, it looks amazing! Magic Pool Services reminds us of a good home town business where integrity speaks volumes...they take pride in their work and it shows!

EXCEPTIONAL pool service, look no further...‎‎
By slh0974 - Oct 13, 2010
‎I don't normally write reviews but I felt compelled to let everyone know about the fantastic service that Magic Pool Services has provided me. The previous service I hired turned my pool into a health hazard (dark brown & infested with tadpoles) and threatened me when I mentioned reporting him. Needless to say, I had to find a new pool service provider....and fast. I didn't know anyone with a pool so I searched online. That's when I came across Magic Pool Services. I instantly got a good vibe when I spoke to the owner. He met with me that same evening, on the way home from picking his dad up at the airport to boot. I was impressed with his professionalism and honesty (and his willingness to start the job immediately). He explained each of the different service plans they offered (& provided the plans in writing as well). They had just the plan for me. Basically, I didn't want to have to do anything but swim. I was pleasantly surprised by the monthly fee, as it was less costly than any other pool service I had looked into, and they do EVERYTHING for me. I don't have to worry anymore. They provide me with weekly notices showing chemicals they added, water levels, ph balance, etc. I couldn't ask for better service. My pool has never looked so beautiful. If you are looking for professional, quality work with exceptional customer service, then I highly recommend Magic Pool Services to complete the task. No doubt about it, they are the best.

Chris is my saving grace!‎‎
BBy David - Sep 17, 2010
I think Chris is by far the best guy for for job! We were dealing with 2 grumpy girls that could not swim in a green pool and within 9 days we were back in business thanks to Chris and his Green to Clean service. We had been threw 5 pool services that wanted to do nothing more then throw a bunch of chemicals in our pool until we met Chris. He explained in detail about the benefits of the pool RX when it comes to not using a lot of chemicals in the pool so our girls could swim immediately if that were the case. He is responsible and punctual and really fast. My pool had never looked as good as it did when Chris took it over. We have moved to a new house and we brought Magic Pool Service with us. That was one of the stipulations when I moved. I had to still be able to have him clean my pool. Thanks Chris for always being fair and fantastic! You truly are Magical when it comes to cleaning a pool, even an old one!‎

Great Pool Service
By pipey - Jun 3, 2010
Magic Pool Services did an excellent job getting our pool cleaned. I didn't think it was possible to have a beautiful pool without spending 1000's of dollars to re-surface it. MPS did such an awesome job. The pool surface is cleaner, and the water is bright and blue. I would highly recommend them.‎

They Rock!
By George - Oct 9, 2010
Magic Pool Service is fantastic. We have been so pleased as to the genuine dedication and professionalism they have shown towards the care of our pool. I wish they would open a lawn care service soon! The personalized attention is unmatched! I highly recommend them without any reservation. Our pool has never been this clear; and with less chemicals!‎

A Truly Pro Pool Service Team
By Woody - Jul 8, 2010
Homemakers Real Estate owns multiple investment properties that we renovate/rehab and then put on the market for sale. After stumbling through the nightmare of unprofessional pool service lone rangers and green pool nightmares from inconsistent service, we were thrilled to find Magic Pool Services. They are fully insured and provide professional, consistent pool management for all our properties. We love the weekly photos and updates they send in, and appreciate that they keep their eye on filters, pump issues, etc. Magic Pool keeps everything running for us stress free! We highly recommend this team if you are looking for a great pool company.‎

Magic Pool Services is GREAT !

By: Bob January 14, 2010
Chris and Magic Pool Services are by far the best pool cleaning and maintenance company I have had work for me. I cannot always be at my vacation home in Florida so I had to hire someone to take care of my pool when I was away. After having several very bad experiences with other pool maintenance companies I found Magic Pool Services. Chris knew more about my pool than any other company around. He walked me through all of his services and detailed everything he would do for me. I no longer have to worry whether or not my pool is going to be clean for me to jump into when I arrive for a little relaxation. Chris has taken care of that for me. I highly recommend Magic Pool Services. You can trust them to get the job done. Thanks Chris!

These Guys TAMED the MONSTER!
By Cathy - Oct 21, 2010
Ive got one of those huge, old Florida pools. And I mean really, really big - as in almost 50 feet long, 25 feet wide and more than 10 feet deep! Pool is not screened and surrounded by giant, ancient pine trees. House was built in the 1960's. Pool's never been resurfaced or refinished and looks and feels like it. The kids still enjoy it and it's great for swimming laps, but we had come to the conclusion it wasn't possible to keep up with the management process and the costs of chemicals. My last pool company told me to forget about ever having consistently clear water and to be happy if they just kept it safe enough to swim in. Then doubled my monthly rate and told me I should appreciate them be willing to continue. While researching last ditch options (like having it filled in!) a friend suggested I get some frank advice from the professional with the most practical expertise in the area. Told me to call Magic Pool Services and schedule a consultation appointment with the expert there. Assured me the recommendations would be worth their weight in gold and allow me to confident in how I decided to proceed. WOW!!! The one option I never expected to hear was Magic Pool Services offer simply to fix it! Assured me I didn't have to make an immediate decision whether to resurface it, rebuild it, fill it in, blow it up, etc. Suggested I worry about the long term plan later. But for now, THEY'D JUST SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Within weeks, the water clarity was amazing. The pool surface still isn't pretty, but the water is crystal clear. And they keep it that way! I never have to worry about it. I don't even have to think about it anymore. One huge stress in my life has vanished. It's almost like........ well..... it's almost like.......MAGIC!!!

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